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"L'acteur face à la caméra"

"L'acteur face à la caméra"



Praise for Tara D'Arquian's Bad Faith:

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"The seriously impressive young Belgian choreographer concludes her Nietzschean trilogy with dance that’s stripped to the bone".
Luke Jennings, The Observer


"D’Arquian shows astute understanding of the visual power of shape"

Maggie Foyer , Seeing Dance


"Bad Faith is a highly original work, and one that pushes the boundaries of performance with intelligence, a spirit of inquiry and great awareness of theatre's elasticity."
Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper

Interview for The Movement Blog: Listen here.


The Observer
Seeing Dance

Culture Whisper

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The Independent's One-to-Watch, January 2016


Praise for Tara D'Arquian's Quests:

*** "impressive achievement for 25-year-old D’Arquian, who conceived and wrote the piece, funded it through Kickstarter, dances in it as one of three mysterious Furies who weave through the action, and taught herself bass guitar so that she could play in the band. Watch this space. She’s a force of nature." 
Luke Jennings, The Observer


**** "A truly immersive environment, the use of space and attention to details cannot be faulted"Everything Theatre

"One can’t help but admire the scale of Tara D’Arquian’s Quests, not only its physical embrace (taking over most of The Borough Hall at Greenwich Dance) and its musical scope (thanks to Bruno Humberto and Philippe Lenzini), but its philosophical sweep." 
Nicholas Minns

Interview of Tara D'Arquian about Quests on 

Praise for Tara D'Arquian's May our bodies become bodies again:

"D’Arquian appears to have a panoramic choreographic vision and a keen eye in picking excellent performers and collaborators.  Belgium has given contemporary dance some of its very best creative talents and perhaps here comes another."”
Graham Watts. Jan 2013.

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