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Orphan Realms
Short form solo (20 minutes).


Orphan Realms is a piece for the stage devised in collaboration with composer Gareth Mitchell.

Orphan Realms explores the multitude of possibilities with which one can encounter the present moment. The piece depicts a woman wayfaring cyclically through life, confronted by events triggered by the environment.


At first, her responses to the present seem dictated by overwhelming memories of past encounters she wishes to retain, as well as the need to recapture memories in an attempt to sustain a sense of clearly defined self and security. Shadows and video expose previous incarnations of her positions and movements in space.

Each recollection, however, is further away from what was once truthful which is reflected in the gradual change of seemingly repeating musical phrases.T he ensuing desperate chase to preserve memories leads to exhaustion, in the face of which she has no choice but to let go and fully embrace the present for what it is. Letting go of her sense of self and welcoming insecurity enables her to discover the wisdom of her body, each instant revealing itself as a new opportunity to reinvent herself.

Orphan Realms was performed at The Place on January 30th.

Watch full piece :

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